What is MAES Therapy?

MAES Therapy is a treatment approach to optimise, with a long-term view, the development of babies and children with a variety of neurodevelopmental conditions; such as Cerebral Palsy (CP). Also similar conditions that may be unexplained or undiagnosed.

MAES Therapy is available for children of all ages where a neurological problem prevents them from following a normal course of development.

MAES Therapy understands why taking short cuts has a negative impact on long-term development.

The path the child takes is often what the child’s brain choses as the easiest solution to get an immediate result, which may help in the short-term, but this lacks quality and variety of movement which has a negative impact on long-term development.

The effect of the way children with neurodevelopmental conditions spontaneously learn to do things is the reason why they often can’t do other things. Due to the brain dysfunction, the child has no alternative but to take a different path of development.

In some specific aspects of the child’s development, the child will be ‘pressurised’ by himself or by his parents to ‘perform’ in order to try and progress, but this usually results in the child taking short cuts. These bad habits of movement become established and form the basis of ‘atypical’ movement.

MAES Therapy doesn’t focus on short-term achievement of tasks;

it focusses on reducing the ‘atypical’ development and opening possibilities for better outcomes.

MAES Therapy aims at providing the child with an alternative path of experience and development that doesn’t focus on the short-term achievement of tasks. Instead, it works to avoid short cuts and create the foundation to reduce the ‘atypical’ development (bad habits) in the long term.

At MAES Therapy we always consider children as whole, capable and competent human beings, appreciating their challenges but finding ways to open the possibilities for different and better outcomes.