MAES ‘ART’ Course – Advance – Refresh – Troubleshoot

Zagreb 2017 

Specialist 1-Week Course for Paediatric Therapists who have already successfully completed the 4-Week MAES Foundation Course.

15 MAES Trained Therapists from 8 countries came together for an excellent week taking the opportunity to go in depth, to refresh, question, troubleshoot and to advance MAES Therapy.

It was a very friendly and open group of professionals who took the opportunity to establish close contacts with other MAES Therapists from around the world.  They also took the opportunity to socialise and party!

Many thanks to our friends at Mali Dom who hosted us so well

The course Venue:

Mali Dom, Dnevni centar za rehabilitaciju djece i mladeži

(Care Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Young Adults)



Course Dates:   29 May – 2 June 2017   


“I would recommend this course to all MAES Therapists. After the 4-Week Course, you return to work, thinking how do I apply that?

After a certain time, you relax and start being adventurous, until you start seeing and realising the child has more problems than you saw before. Then you realise your abilities are not yet enough to solve their problems. Then you need to go on the Advanced ‘ART’ Course to refresh and advance.”

Marija Maras PT, MAES Therapist – Zagreb