MT Talk for Parents, Zagreb 2015 - Zorana 3                                       

Talk for Professionals, Zagreb 2015 - MAES Therapy


TALK - MAES Therapy for Professionals,  Zagreb 15.06.15

TALK – MAES Therapy for Professionals, Zagreb 15.06.15


TALKS, Zagreb June 2015 – MAES Therapy

MAES Therapy TALKS held in Zagreb for Parents and Professionals.

Two Talks in Zagreb were both very well attended and much appreciated by both parents and paediatric therapists, with lively questions and answer sessions.

Monday 8 June – Talk for Parents:  Helping Children with Cerebral Palsy improve their movement coordination’.    Presented by Zorana Klarić MCSP, MAES Therapist.

Monday 15 June – Talk for paediatric Therapists & medical Doctors:  ‘A Better Understanding of Children with Cerebral Palsy and similar Neurodevelopmental Conditions’.    Presented by Jean-Pierre Maes, MCSP, Director MAES Therapy

Venue for both Talks:  University of Applied Health Studies, Zagreb

Talks organised by:Hrvatska udruga radnih terapeuta ( HURT). Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists