maes-therapy-support-and-donateHelping Other Children

From time to time, parents, families, friends and supporters ask how they can assist MAES Therapy help other children. Of course, we are always happy to make suggestions and referrals for our clients and supporters to sponsor therapists and the development required.

Help babies and children receive pioneering treatment
by making specialist training possible for their therapists

Sponsor Therapists for MAES Therapy training

We’re always meeting motivated therapists needing to further develop their skills for the benefit of their patients. We help facilitate this by creating and running professional courses such as those offered by MAES Therapy.

In a number of countries, therapists’ incomes are very low and without financial support it is impossible for them to undertake such training and improve their skills.

Financial Support – Sponsor specialist training for Therapists

Any donations received will be used to support the highly specialised training of other therapists in developing countries, to increase their knowledge and clinical expertise and consequently help many children and families.

Easy Dragons

easy dragons charity

Easy Dragons was founded in 2013 as a rowing team of Stanton Williams Architects in London.

We race with a dragon boat, (an Old Chinese boat) with 20 paddlers in pairs facing the bow of the boat, one drummer at the bow facing toward the paddlers, and one at the helm standing at the rear of the boat.

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Just 4 Children


Just4Children is passionate about the relief of sickness and preservation of health of children in the UK and Ireland by providing and assisting in the provision of grants to enable them to obtain medical treatment, therapies, living environments, equipment and holidays which would not otherwise be available to them.

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