Transylvania, Romania  – Jean-Pierre presented an information Seminar for Parents and relatives of children with CP.

This was a unique opportunity for parents in central Romania to gain new knowledge and understanding of Children with Cerebral Palsy and similar Neuro-developmental Conditions and the pioneering M.A.E.S. Therapy Approach.

Over 40 Parents, Paediatric Therapists and Doctors came for the 2-Hour Seminar.

The Talk was translated  – and a big  ‘Thank You’  to ‘Rozi’  Rozália Apró,  Paediatric Physiotherapist for the translation and who did very well keeping up with Jean-Pierre  :-)    Rozi lives and works in Cluj-Napoca and is the Local  M.A.E.S. Therapy Organiser in Romania.

Also, many thanks to those who helped to organise this event:

Enikő  Sogor,  President of the Prosperitas Vitae Association  & Director of the Early Childhood Development Center in Csíkszentmárton,  and colleagues Mónika Balló       and Andrea Lázár.


Venue:   Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita County, Transylvania, Romania

Date:     8 October 2019

The title of the Talk was:

‘A Better Understanding of Children with Cerebral Palsy and similar Neuro-developmental Conditions’


Speaker:   Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP,  Consultant Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist,

Director MAES Therapy International, London

Jean-Pierre presented and analysed videos and introduced the M.A.E.S. Therapy Framework, which equips therapists with tools about how to progress in treatment and explains therapeutic principles to parents. There was discussion about cerebral palsy symptoms and cerebral palsy diagnosis and early therapy treatment cerebral palsy.


M.A.E.S. Therapy is a unique and dynamic approach which allows for a very specific, individualised approach to therapy. Each child has individual needs, skills, limitations and possibilities and therefore needs a very individual treatment. Rather than just treat the visible symptoms, it makes you look at it from the perspective of the child and explains why the child moves as he does.

“M.A.E.S. Therapy is a completely different way of thinking and approach to treatment, compared to Bobath-NDT and other approaches.

JP Maes Profile - in Hungarian