Early October – and Jean-Pierre Maes, MCSP was a Guest Speaker presenting at 2 national physiotherapy association conferences in 2 countries:  Romania and Cyprus.

Congresul Național al colegiului Fizioterapeuților din România  8&9 October 2021, Sibiu, Romania

On Saturday 8 October 2021 Jean-Pierre Maes gave an online live presentation for 50 minutes with translation and 5 minutes for Q&A. 

There were approx.130 Therapists present face-to-face at the conference and about 3000 participants online.  The presentation was well received.

Translation was by  Rozália Apró  Physiotherapist, MAES Therapy Local Co-ordinator, Romania.  Many thanks!

Thanks also to Physiotherapist Raul Trif and his colleagues for his organisation.


Title of the Presentation:

‘The M.A.E.S. Framework as a basis for Assessment with the aim to individualise the therapeutic approach for children with Cerebral Palsy’



The M.A.E.S. (Movement Analysis Education Strategies) Framework and Approach to treatment has been designed to enable therapists to identify key information about what to look for (observation), what to work for (critical analysis & clinical reasoning) and how to set up and progress treatment (treatment repertoire). This structured approach allows therapists to understand better the way the brain of their patients is functioning, providing invaluable information to guide the treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy. This presentation will focus on the Framework as an assessment tool to analyse movement with the purpose of understanding how to treat children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) from the perspective of how each child learns to use their Brain.
Presented by Jean-Pierre Maes, London, MCSP, UK, jpmaes@maestherapy.com


Colegiul Fizioterapeuților Sibiu-Mureș a avut plăcerea de a-l invita pe Jean-Pierre Maes Fondator și Director M.A.E.S. Therapy International în calitate de VIP Guest Speaker în ediția din acest an a Congresului Național al Fizioterapeuților din România.

The College of Fizioterapeuților Sibiu-Mureș was pleased to invite Jean-Pierre Maes Founder & Director M.A.E.S. Therapy International as a VIP Guest Speaker in this year’s edition of the National Congress of Fizioterapeuților in Romania.