Positive feedback from one of many parents whose child is being treated at MAES Therapy London:

“I have found these remote sessions to be very effective.
My son Xavi continued to make progress over lockdown; he now walks with his right heel down, and, more recently, his right arm is increasingly straight.

The sessions have also been extremely helpful in broadening my understanding of the MAES Therapy Approach, and the specific needs that Xavi has, both with movement and play. Joanna has been excellent in guiding me in all aspects of each session.

I feel that if we had not been able to continue with therapy over the last three months Xavi would be in a very different position, so a huge thank you both! The MAES Approach continues to amaze me as I can see the quality of Xavi’s movements keep improving.”



The MAES Studio London is fully open and offering face-to-face treatment sessions– for those families that are experiencing limitations with virtual telehealth sessions.

During the temporary closure of the MAES Studio London due to the ‘Lockdown’, we are pleased that many Parents of the children we treat were able to continue to receive support with Therapists working with parents and child through virtual telehealth sessions via Skype/Zoom.

We have received feedback from many parents that as a result of these sessions and parents’ own ‘handling’, they are understanding their child’s difficulties and strengths in greater depth and becoming more knowledgeable about how to help their child– which is a very positive outcome.

Although clearly not the same as face-to-face treatment sessions, these remote sessions have ensured some therapy input continued, preventing tightening of muscles, preventing the loss of momentum and gains recently achieved,  and developing parents’ expertise in handling their child.

The MAES Studio is offering face-to-face treatment sessions – where  ‘hands-on’ treatment sessions are required, following individual triage assessment, discussion and agreement with the Therapist.