Our first officially approved MAES Introduction Course without Jean-Pierre.

Shane Brassell and Anita Hains presented the 2-Day course in Johannesburg in April.

Participants really enjoyed the course and the new insights and knowledge gained  :-)

Some feedback from participants:

“It has helped to explain why children with CP use the movement strategies they do and why it’s so hard to change – because we have been working on the wrong things.

It really explains many of the challenges and plateaus we hit in therapy – and how we can go forward. It makes sense to analyse how a child is moving from their point of view / or their brains’ point of view. Excellent ! “

“ I have always been interested in and enjoyed treating children with CP, but I never felt like I understood the condition fully and my treatment focused on positioning,  breaking the pattern and practicing tasks to improve them. This course gave me a different perspective on CP and why these children get ‘stuck’ in certain patterns and have difficulty performing tasks well. It also has changed the way I think about children with CP, as they have more potential to succeed than we initially think.”

“This course gives a revolutionary and logical perspective of CP and other neurodevelopmental conditions and completely changes the way you think about and threat children with the condition.”

“The course allows for discussion and interaction, as well as many opportunities to understand the concepts through the use of repetition, analogies and video analysis.”

“The Course Presenters were knowledgeable and open to questions.”

“Really well planned, organised and executed – thank you!”

 Course Title:

 ‘A Better Understanding of Children with Cerebral Palsy and similar Neurodevelopmental Conditions and principles to improve their coordination’ 

Venue:  The Children’s Therapy Centre , Petervale/ Bryanston, Johannesburg

Dates:    Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 April 2018

Many thanks to Shane and Anita for presenting this 2-Day course in Johannesburg, which follows earlier extensive mentoring from Jean-Pierre.

Thanks again to Gillian Shead  for her invaluable support and assistance.