Great to be back in Cape Town!    Last time was a MAES Evening Talk in May 2014.

This October it was for an Introductory Course for Paediatric Therapists in the Cape Town region.

The 2-Day programme included theoretical lectures, video analysis and live treatment demonstrations.

25 Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists were very interested and pleased to learn about this pioneering approach to treatment.  It’s effective for paediatric therapists who believe in, or are open to an ‘holistic’ approach to therapy for each child.

Our grateful thanks to Shane Brassell PT for her usual friendly and efficient organisation, and  local therapists who gave support:  Tiana van Schalkwyk,  Jacqui Cooper, Candice da Rocha.


Course Leader:   Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP,  Director MAES Therapy

Venue:    Vista Nova School,Rondebosch, CAPE TOWN

Thanks to therapists at the school who made us welcome, including Olga Makagon PT and her colleagues.


Comments from some participants who took this Introduction Course:


“I loved it. The hands-on approach and way of moving and motivating children will help my regular patients. Obviously the 4-Wweek course is the ultimate way to actually get the skills”.

Kirsty Williams, Physiotherapist,  Cape Town 2017

“MAES has changed my goals in treatments from focusing on the physical symptoms and influencing tone, and instead focusing on the brain function. It is ground breaking! The course is essential”. 

Danielle Krige, Occupational Therapist,  Cape Town 2017

”MAES is a great approach and can be integrated in the work I do as a Speech Therapist. The approach breaks down each step clearly and focuses on grading tasks which I believe is very important. I understand the importance of not focusing on ‘typical’ development and also not to work continuously on the outcomes”.

Skye Adams, Speech & Language Therapist,  Cape Town 2017

‘Jean-Pierre is a very good presenter. It was easy to follow his explanations and the examples and content were relevant. One of the top courses that I would recommend.’

Olga Makogon, Physiotherapist,  Cape Town 2017

‘The MAES Framework and Approach is very useful and logical in developing individualised treatment strategies for each Child. It provides for intervention based on an understanding of the cause of presenting symptoms and provides a way of addressing the cause, hence moving away from stereotypical interventions based upon presenting symptoms. MAES Therapy is the future for children with CP and other neurodevelopmental conditions, since it addresses the cause and leads to lasting results.  Therapists interested in Paediatric therapy should make an effort to attend the course’.

Tapiwa Maheya, Occupational Therapist,  Namibia 2017

‘The MAES Framework is a great visual framework to structure your approach, observation and treatment of a patient, which is also relevant for parents. User-friendly. The course is a mind shift from conventional approaches to treatment of CP. Reinforces the fact there is no ‘one’ treatment to fit all children and you need to be very specific in your own goal of therapy’.

Lisa Sutton, Physiotherapist,  Cape Town 2017

‘MAES opens up a whole new world to CP.  Jean-Pierre is an expert in his field with excellent presentation skills and hands-on clinical skills’.

Marochelle Botha, Occupational Therapist,  Cape Town 2017

‘I am a younger therapist who found the course thought provoking in a pivotal way. I have been investigating a similar approach in my treatment, but now I can better apply the MAES Framework to continue to build my thinking/concepts and challenge myself to think/act away from ‘traditional’ means. The MAES Framework assists in the breakdown of analysis of function and therefore can be used to work together with the child to build on skills or experience new skills, which can later be taken on by the child. A holistic way to approach long-term development of the child with the need for strategies to gain functional abilities and quality’.

Nicole Comminellis, Physiotherapist,  Cape Town 2017