Another ‘In-Service’ Training for a NHS Trust provided by M.A.E.S. Therapy.

Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists from Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust came together online during 1st & 2nd March,  for an introduction to M.A.E.S. Therapy:
‘A better understanding of Children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and principles to improve their coordination’ 

They join a growing list of NHS Trusts around the country that have invited M.A.E.S. Therapy to either provide highly specialised ‘In-Service’ training for their therapists, or have sent Therapists from their Trust to attend MAES Therapy Training Courses.

It was a live and interactive course via Zoom, with a limited number of participants which allowed for a more personal learning experience compared to a large, impersonal webinar.

We are pleased to be working with Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, which is one of a number of NHS Trusts we are working with and providing training about the M.A.E.S. Therapy Approach for:

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, Kent
NHS across Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk
NHS HIGHLAND Argyll and Bute Scotland
Humber NHS Foundation Trust
Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Derbyshire
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Oxford Health NHS
Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust
Worcestershire NHS Trust
Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust
North Bristol NHS Trust
St Mary’s Hospital  NHS,  Isle of Wight
Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust
West London NHS


Here are a few comments from therapists who attended:

“This training is a hugely valuable opportunity and it will change the way you think. I found it exceptionally valuable to do it as part of the team we work with as it was good to discuss along the way how we worked as a team and how we could implement it into our treatment approach. I felt this helped to maximise more the benefits of the course.”

“Very interesting and different concept to influence how we think about CP and treat children. Encourages deeper analysis of the impact of the brain on movement. A very good introduction.”

“The course content and depth of knowledge of Jean-Pierre is amazing”

“It has made me think very differently about my treatment approach to CP. Especially the idea of not necessarily practicing the same task but taking things backwards in order to improve tasks forwards. But also the idea that sometimes it is OK to look ahead in order to improve the more basic skills such as looking to work on asymmetry to work on symmetry. The vast range of ideas discussed has improved my toolbox of ideas to implement into practice.”

“I was expecting MAES Therapy to be similar to Bobath. However, it was really nice to get a completely different approach and way of thinking that I can implement into my treatment sessions”

“I enjoyed the course because it was an opportunity for my OT and Physiotherapy colleagues to learn together as a team which we don’t always have the opportunity for. The videos were useful for my learning and to consolidate what had been spoken about.”

“Completing the course as a whole team was so useful to enable us all to have the same information and starting point to hopefully make changes to our practice, thank you for accommodating this. The insight into MAES concepts and framework has been really good to highlight potential things that we are missing as a team when treating children with cerebral palsy, this will allow us to think a bit deeper about the treatment that we provide and why to hopefully enable this population of children to progress and develop further or to develop more quality movements.”

Course Title:
 ‘A better understanding of Children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and principles to improve their coordination’


Course Leader:
Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP
Consultant Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
Director, MAES Therapy International


For more information about future courses, see: