Paediatric Therapists from around South Africa, Zambia and the UK !  ‘came together’ in June for a great mix of theory and treatment videos, leaving them inspired and even more intrigued to learn more!

It was a live and interactive course via Zoom, with a limited number of participants which allowed for a more personal learning experience compared to a large, impersonal webinar.

The course deepened their knowledge of treating children with Cerebral Palsy and generated a lot of interest in how M.A.E.S. Therapy is so different to other approaches and offers new insights and new knowledge about improving treatment of children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions.

With this 2-Day Course Online, Therapists were introduced to M.A.E.S. Therapy and had an overview of the content that is developed during the 4-Week Foundation Course and gained an understanding of the clinical reasoning that defines the M.A.E.S. Approach.

A BIG THANK YOU and Well Done !  to Course Presenter:

Sarah Smythe, Paediatric Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist,
M.A.E.S. Trained Therapist.
MAES Team South Africa

Course Title:

‘A better understanding of Children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and principles to improve their coordination’


Here are a few comments from therapists who have attended the MAES Introduction Course:

“MAES therapy is a new way of thinking on how to construct treatment.
Traditionally, we were taught to treat what you see. But this course teaches you to go deeper and treat the root cause.
To me, this is a new approach in developing treatment as I was previously taught to treat what you see.”

“I really enjoyed this course. It brought so much more knowledge and different approach to what we are usually get taught.”DR

“MAES Therapy will completely change the way you view cerebral palsy. You may think you have a deep understanding of management for this condition but once you are introduced to this approach, you will never be able to treat the way you did before. This approach is so logical and once you have done the introductory course you will understand why your usual approach is just not adequate. I would definitely recommend MAES Therapy to any physiotherapist looking to improve their approach to cerebral palsy.”MJ

I would highly recommend this course to other therapists in order to challenge their traditional understanding of how to approach treating children with cerebral palsy which focuses more on addressing physical symptoms in comparison to the MAES approach which focuses on facilitating the development of cognitive skills which are necessary to improve the child’s physical ability.  MW

“I enjoyed watching the videos of the different CP kids and  the way they were treated and to see the outcomes after the treatment and see what a huge difference M.A.E.S. Therapy made in their quality of movements and how their abilities were improved.”

“It is definitely worth your time to invest into this course because it improves your clinical reasoning and the way you would approach a CP child.
If we look at approaching the child by looking at the brain lesion, each CP child is completely different to the next one, even if they fall into a similar category of CP. So this means each child will be approached differently which would make the M.A.E.S. approach a very individualised therapy for each child.  I would have to attend the 4-week course to fully understand how to approach each child using the M.A.E.S. approach.”    MR

It has made me think about cerebral palsy as a brain injury rather than how the cerebral palsy itself affects the body and how to treat the symptoms rather than working to develop the brain skills needed to help with neuroplasticity and re-establishing alternative connections.”  SH




M.A.E.S. Therapy is a pioneering evidence-based approach, underpinned by practice evidence, patient evidence and contextual evidence from 35 years’ expert clinical and teaching experience world-wide and focusing on excellent treatment skills.







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M.A.E.S. Therapy is the new gold standard for treating children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neuro-developmental conditions and movement disorders; with more effective long-term outcomes compared to other therapeutic approaches such as Bobath-NDT, Vojta, Medek.