Paediatric Therapists from around the UK, and overseas came together online for a great mix of theory and treatment videos, leaving them inspired and even more intrigued to learn more!

MAES Therapy Introduction Course - London 25-26 Feb.2021

It was a live and interactive course via Zoom, with a limited number of participants which allowed for a more personal learning experience compared to a large, impersonal webinar

Here are a few comments from therapists who attended:

“I have gained so many new insights into treating cerebral palsy, considering brain strategies rather than the physical symptoms which we are so used to focussing on. MAES therapy makes sense in a way that other methods haven’t always in the past.

I will think about approaching my assessment in a different way following this course which will give more structure and focus.


“I now feel I have a better understanding of CP from a brain injury point of view, rather than focussing on the physical manifestations of this. Now when I assess children with CP I will be looking at complexity and skills and trying to understand where the weakness is and how the child is compensating for this. I feel I have some new treatment approaches to try with my children and am inspired to try something new.”

I enjoyed the whole course! Jean-Pierre has a very captivating way of teaching and I found the way he explained things – through metaphors, diagrams and other ways particularly useful to my way of learning. Of course seeing videos but knowing the background behind them first was particularly useful and really made me want to get my hands on also and try some new things!


Comments about this course being online:

“For me personally this was great as it really made the course accessible. I think there was the right number of breaks as it can be hard to maintain concentration online for long periods. We had colleagues from all around the world on our course, all attending in different time zones which sparked lots of conversation!”

“I really liked the course being online, as otherwise I would not have been able to access it at the group was small we were still able to have discussions. I think asking the participants for their thoughts and reflections at various points helped to generate this discussion which may have otherwise been lost on a virtual course.“


Course Title:
 ‘A better understanding of Children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and principles to improve their coordination’

Course Leader:
Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP
Consultant Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
Director, MAES Therapy International


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MAES Therapy Introduction Course - London 25-26 Feb.2021 for Paediatric Therapists treating children with CP