2 x MAES Foundation Courses in UK – Summer & Autumn 2021 – both fully booked with 18 Therapists.

36 more M.A.E.S. Trained Therapists in the UK to improve the treatment of children with CP !

This specialist 4-Week M.A.E.S. Course in London during September – October 2021 had a great mix of 18 experienced paediatric therapists from a variety of private practices and NHS Trusts.

Participants have come away from this exciting course with a much deeper insight and new knowledge about children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and how to provide more specific individualised treatment for each child and how to also engage parents with this during day to day living.

There has been very positive feedback from parents for the children who attended the Practical Sessions during the course

Course Venue:   MAES Arch,  for 345 Sheridan Road, Forest Gate, East London E7 9EF


One example of the many positive feedbacks from course participants:

“Having worked in a variety of NHS hospitals for 9 years and then in private practice for 8 years, I had come to the point where I was questioning my role as a physiotherapist and looking for something more to offer our children.

When I decided to complete the MAES Therapy Course, I was totally unprepared for this new method of assessing and treatment of children.

I would recommend this course to every Paediatric physiotherapist who is keen to progress their skills and embark on a new journey within their career.

However you need to be prepared to go ‘back to school’.

This is a different approach to our conventional training, it is intense, tiring and demanding. However it gives you a new perspective, new skills, a new way of analysing and new opportunities for our children. It really has been the most influential course I have taken that will positively impact on my clinical practice in the years ahead.”

Beth Williamson MCSP
Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist
NE England

Next MAES Course in the UK

The dates for the next MAES Course in the UK will be in London during Summer 2022.

Part 1:   11 – 22 July  2022        Online via Zoom   Weeks 1 & 2

Part 2:   15 – 26 August 2022    Face-to-Face         Weeks 3 & 4 

There is also the possibility of a second course in the UK in 2022 during the Autumn.


Contact Courses Organiser: 

Jonathan Salsbury MIOD
MAES Therapy International

E:   jsalsbury@maestherapy.com

See:   https://maestherapy.com/next-maes-therapy-courses/