Early Intervention for Babies Course – Warsaw February 2023

It is great to see Course Tutor  Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP  running  Baby / Early Intervention Courses again.

Jean-Pierre provided an aMAESing course which was fully booked and it was wonderful to see experienced Paediatric Therapists gain new knowledge, improved observation skills and clinical reasoning skills and a wider treatment repertoire  – in relation to the intervention and treatment of babies with Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions.

There was a great mix of Therapists from a variety of countries:  Poland, Australia, South Africa and UK.

Many thanks to Local Venue Organiser:  Asia Sopińska Stanek  PT for providing the venue and babies for the course and organising so well, and everyone for their friendly hospitality.

ASQ Przedszkole, Aleja Armii Krajowej 133, 05-200 Wołomin, Nr. Warsaw

Course Leader:  Jean-Pierre Maes, MCSP
Consultant Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
Director & Founder, MAES Therapy International

Course Assistant & Translation:  Joanna Brudlo-Semeniuk  MCSP,  MAES Therapist

A specialist 1-Week Course for Paediatric Therapists who have already successfully completed the 4-Week M.A.E.S. Therapy Foundation Course.

Course Dates:  13 -17 February 2023    ( 5 Days)

A sample of feedback from Course Participants:

“A super opportunity to meet international colleagues and discuss with like-minded MAES Therapists. The atmosphere and enthusiasm were infectious. To learn how others view things, problem solve, to see where my gaps are, to see where I need to change my perspective again.

A wonderful and very worthwhile course, very thought-provoking. A chance to refresh and further deepen skills in analysis too. A course that stresses the importance of building the best foundations now for a better future and a chance to analyse and reflect on how what we do early, will take us on a different path ahead for each child.”

“This course broadened my understanding of MAES Therapy. On the one hand it reassured me that I am on the right path. On the other hand, it allowed me to reach patient’s problems even more accurately and precisely. I was able to expand the repertoire of my solutions to help patients even more effectively.
Every opportunity to meet with JP it Is a chance for a huge leap in development. Seeing the possibilities and ways of therapy in relation to small children showed completely new perspectives of work.”


“The course was perfect. I really enjoyed the flexibility and how our learning needs determined the way we went.
I enjoyed going deeper and being surrounded by people who understand the MAES basics but want to understand and analyse and treat even better. I also found focusing on myself and how I need to change to help my children change was very helpful.

Every single MAES course takes you so much deeper than your position before.”

“The course with little babies was very demanding. It helped me a lot to go deeper with analysis and now my understanding is deeper and better. The course is exactly what I needed.”

“The workshops were so good. I needed to see what is possible when working with babies. I definitely had a blocked brain thinking that you can’t push a baby too hard just because they are a baby. Crazy thinking.  Also, my biggest challenge will be changing myself more to change my child. The perspective change of the problem being my problem was important.
The MAES Baby Course not only assists you in treating babies but give us a far deeper understanding of the MAES Principles. I understand the concept in a completely different way. It has helped me to pinpoint a way that is more specific to the child, a way that I would not have achieved alone.”


“Working with babies has helped me to fine tune my own repertoire and ability to see things from the child’s perspective rather than from what I think. The variety of babies has been really helpful.

Becoming more specific with the babies has helped me to analyse them better as well as analysing what I am doing within the MAES Framework, which leads to a better understanding of the whole MAES Approach.”

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