3rd  in a series of face-to-face MAES Courses in London during Summer and Autumn 2022.

MAES Foundation Course, Autumn 2022:

Paediatric Therapists came away from this exciting course with new knowledge and increased clinical skills for treating children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and how to provide more specific individualised treatment for each child and also how to engage parents with this during day to day living.

Our thanks to the team at the course venue Finchley Golf Club, NW London for their friendly and efficient hospitality.

The dates for the next M.A.E.S. Foundation Course in the UK will be in North London during Summer 2023. 

Part 1:   10 – 21 July 2023       Online via Zoom   Weeks 1 & 2

Part 2:   14 – 25 August 2023    Face-to-Face         Weeks 3 & 4

Contact Course Organiser: 

Jonathan Salsbury MIoD
MAES Therapy International

E:   jsalsbury@maestherapy.com

See:   https://www.maestherapy.com/next-maes-therapy-courses/