MAES 4-Week Course – in Telford, NW England

This exciting course was challenging and thought-provoking and provided an enormous amount of new insights and knowledge relating to children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions,

Participants have come away from the course with a much deeper insight and knowledge about children with CP and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and how to provide more specific individualised treatment for each child and also how to engage parents with this during day to day living.

There has been very positive feedback from parents.

It was an intense 4-Week course  and the participants will need some time to integrate and develop their new insights, knowledge and skills. This will undoubtedly bring increased quality and benefit for the children they treat.

The participants have developed a great attitude and approach through learning and practicing closely together during the 4 weeks, which was organised in 2 separate parts of 2 weeks each.

Course Leader Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP was assisted by Helen King, Paediatric Physiotherapist.

Our thanks to   Shropshire Community Health Trust  for their support  and also to The Meeting Point House, Telford for their friendly and efficient hospitality.

The next MAES Course will be in LONDON :

Part 1:   16 – 27 July 2018

Part 2:   20 – 31 August 2018



‘Movement Analysis & Education Strategies’ Course

for the treatment of children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neuro-developmental conditions’ 

A specialist Postgraduate 4-Week course for Paediatric Therapists (PT,OT, SLT) who want to gain new insights, increase knowledge and develop their clinical reasoning and treatment skills for children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions

The dates for the MAES Course in the UK in 2019, in London are:

Part 1:   15-26 July 2019

Week 1            15-19 July

Week 2            22-26 July

Part 2:   19-30 August 2019

Week 3            19-23 August

Week 4            26-30 August


Contact Course Organiser: 

Jonathan Salsbury
MAES Therapy International