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‘ART’ COURSE   Advance – Refresh – TroubleshootMAES - Specialist 1-Week Advanced Course for Therapists who have already successfully completed the 4-Week MAES Foundation Course.

An opportunity to go deeper, to refresh, question, troubleshoot and to advance your M.A.E.S. Therapy.

1-Week Advanced Course for Therapists who have already successfully completed the 4-Week M.A.E.S. Foundation Course.

The course will be rich in video analysis, information, insights and discussion.
5 Days with Jean-Pierre,  accessing his extensive knowledge and experience for your own professional and personal development !   :-)

Course Dates:   22 – 26 March 2021        

Length of Course:  5-Days “full-on” days with JP
The course will run from 09.00 to 17.00 Hrs each day, with breaks and lunchtime.

 Location:    Online via Zoom,  UK Time   

 Online Course advantages: 

  • No travel / restaurant / accommodation costs
  • Fitting well into everyday life (family, children etc.)
  • Depressurised environment without having to deal with what the patients on the course are presenting with.
  • Numbers are limited to a maximum 16 participants which will allow Jean-Pierre and his team to see every participant on a Zoom screen and be aware of the learning progress of each individual participant. This will ensure time for everybody to ask questions and keep the course as interactive as if it was delivered in a face-to-face format.


Testimonials:    See feedback from participants on our last 5-Day Advanced Course online.  See below.

Course Presented by:    Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP,  Director MAES Therapy International

Course Fee:   £795.00  / €880  Euros     Fee payment secures your place; first come, first served. 

Course Participant’s Criteria:
This course is only open to Therapists who have already successfully completed the 4-Week M.A.E.S. Foundation Course.

Course Format:
The format will include theoretical lectures, case presentations, numerous video analyses and discussions.

Participants will need a laptop/desktop in an isolated room (with no distraction) and with a good internet connection for streaming/watching and analysing all the treatment videos. 


To ensure an effective course via Zoom, numbers are limited – first come, first served.

For further information and for an Application Form, contact:

Jonathan Salsbury  MIoD  Development Director, M.A.E.S. Therapy International

E:   jsalsbury@maestherapy.com



See feedback from participants on our last 5-Day Advanced Course online.

“The online course exceeded my expectations, I was concerned how much I would gain from an online course without the clinical aspects and hands-on practicals of the MAES course. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased how much we got from the video analysis and in-depth discussions, being able to pause, rewind and skip to certain parts of the videos to demonstrate a particular point was invaluable. The course was well balanced between videos and discussions, and followed a loose timetable which was adapted depending on the discussions. Highly recommended.”

Lucy French - MAES Therapy Trained Therapist - CP, NeurodevelopmentalLucy French MCSP
M.A.E.S. Trained
Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist




“I recently completed the MAES Therapy 1-Week Advanced Course online.
If someone wants to deepen their knowledge of MAES Therapy, this course is essential!  A huge amount of knowledge transferred to participants in a phenomenal way. Although this is an online course, it is not a theoretical course. Thanks to in-depth video analysis and appropriate questions from the Course Leader Jean-Pierre, the participants are guided to develop a solution to the problem themselves, which significantly increases the retention of the information obtained. If anyone was afraid that it would be 8 hours a day spent in front of the screen, let me reassure you – the course is so interesting that time passes unnoticed. Additionally, thanks to the fact that the course takes place online, we have the opportunity to meet MAES Trained Therapists from all over the world and their different therapeutic horizons.

This M.A.E.S. Advanced course took me to a whole new level of understanding. After completing the 4-week Foundation Course two years ago, a world of completely new therapeutic possibilities opened up to me.

Now, after the MAES Advanced A.R.T. Course  “Advance-Refresh-Troubleshoot”, all the gaps in understanding my patients’ behaviour were filled with so much more information.

I gained a much broader perspective, deeper understanding and many therapeutic ideas.

Thank you!”

Jakub Faber
M.A.E.S. Trained
Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist




“Personally, I have enjoyed the advantages of the online ART course.
It has saved me travelling time and costs of accommodation. Also, it has fitted well into my everyday life (family, children etc.)
It was a great way to connect/re-connect with fellow colleagues to share ideas and take part in discussions.

If you are on the ‘A.R.T.’ course that means you have a caseload of children already, so you don’t miss out the practical part really. Following the course you will equipped to put your knowledge into practice immediately.
During the course, we have been given plenty of opportunity to receive valuable, direct feedback from Jean-Pierre to enhance our approach.

Informative, intense, full of content and up to date information.
The course provided flexibility to meet the expectations of all participants. It was easy to follow and engage with. Re-visiting ways of using toys during treatment sessions has been very helpful to me.
I found the step-by-step video analysis extremely helpful. It has supported me to further improve my observation skills and the understanding of the MAES approach.
Participants had plenty of time to reflect on each topic and to self-reflect to our own practice.

The MAES ART course has brought me an opportunity to gain in-depth understanding not only of MAES Therapy itself, but understanding the nature of our client group in this ever-changing world where we should not rely on a given diagnosis anymore.”

Katalin Halasz MCSP
M.A.E.S. Trained, Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
Cardiff,  Wales





“I would definitely recommend this Advanced MAES Course to others who have done the basic MAES Course. Firstly, it’s an opportunity for you to refocus on the principles and how to further apply this to the children who you treat. It’s also an opportunity for you to reflect on your MAES journey which allows you to invest in it even more. I am so pleased as I feel back on track with my MAES Therapy following this course which means that I can offer something more valuable to my little ones and their families.

I feel refreshed and re-energised and eager to try out new activities with my children. As always, I still have questions, but now it’s more in-depth based on what I have learnt on the course. I recognise areas where I was “stuck” and how to remedy this.

The course has solidified my analysis further and given me fresh perspectives on my current children and my treatments with them. It’s also highlighted how important video analysis is for me to further deepen my understanding and application of the approach.
The virtual course has worked well, and it was more relaxing without the travel.”

Cara Johnson MCSP
M.A.E.S. Trained, Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist





“When I was attending Foundation M. A. E. S. Course, the key point of my learning process was Course Leader Jean-Pierre’s guidance whilst I was treating the child.

I had no doubts that by attending the recent online MAES Advanced Course (Advance-Refresh-Troubleshoot) I would gain a deeper understanding and a better analysis of the problems of children with CP, but I was concerned that without the possibility for that kind of interaction, my treatment would not improve.  Crazy me !

Since the course, I have been re-watching videos of my treatment sessions and it’s not just that I can understand the children better, I can clearly see my own strengths and weaknesses; I can see how to improve my handling;  I have ideas how to develop the play and how to structure my treatment better and I have the confidence that I will implement all of these into my practice for all the children I treat.

Have I mentioned the opportunity to observe Jean-Pierre’s thinking process and reasoning?   Priceless!”

Ana Milošević
M.A.E.S. Trained, Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist




“This Online Advanced MAES Course was beyond my expectations. It helped me to identify my weaknesses and enable to focus on them to make a change and improve my understanding of my patients and improve my treatment and treatment outcomes. It is really useful to know the difference between MAES Therapy and other approaches, to be able to join in discussions with other therapists.
I enjoyed the various discussions including about developmental delay and early intervention and the current state of knowledge promoted by professional bodies as a reason of misunderstanding of CP and leading to mistreatment.

Finally, the online training via Zoom – was better than I thought. I saved a lot of time on travelling and the whole stress associated with leaving my family behind.

I could depressurise myself, there were no patients waiting behind the doors. We could spend more time analysing patients watched on videos. Jean-Pierre has so many videos, allowing us to analyse various problems, problems from our day-to-day practice raised on the course. During a face-to-face course we do not have that chance to analyse so deeply, we have to go with what the patients on the course are presenting with.

I enjoyed every minute. Really nice atmosphere. No technical issues experienced. I would recommend to everybody. Looking at the current ‘’Covid’’ situation it is the only way to move forward with your learning.”

Ewelina Sokolowska MCSP
M.A.E.S. Trained, Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
Shropshire, UK




“Online MAES Advanced Course- thought I would find 5 days of online learning difficult to engage in full, however this was not the case at all, and I found the week went very quickly with lots of discussion and an engaging programme which kept me motivated throughout.
Course Leader Jean-Pierre asked if we had specific learning requirements (e.g. for me to RV PVL/Pre-Term) on the first day – which he was able to make sure we went through during the course.

I think in the future I would still benefit from some more hands-on experience of treating children with supervision from Jean-Pierre/ MAES Team,  however this does not take away the fact that this was a very useful and productive course that has refreshed my learning and my focus. I think it has also had lots of positives to experience the course in this way.”

Dani Smith MCSP
M.A.E.S. Trained, Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
Essex, UK




“I really liked the way the online MAES Advanced Course was organized.
The needs from the participants expressed on the first day were covered during the week in addition to the scheduled topics on the timetable.
I loved to see all the videos of the children, especially when it was the same child at different ages (baby, pre-school, and school age), because you can see the progression and how the treatment is impacting them positively, but also you can see the long term in a reality.

I found very useful when Jean-Pierre was explaining with a lot of detail what he was doing during treatment sessions with the child, from the MAES Therapy Approach perspective.
I loved to see how parents are informed and involved in the treatment of their children and I found very useful to see the children in different environments: in centres, at home and playing spontaneously (girl with hemiplegia playing hopscotch in the street) and when the play was organized.

I really appreciated the support from Helen, she was very proactive and responding to the different needs.

I highly recommend this course.  Thank you!”

Dr. Adriana Garcia
M.A.E.S. Trained




“I was apprehensive when I learnt this was going to be a virtual course online, as I was concerned that I would not get as much out of it without the practical aspect. However, I have been pleasantly surprised as I feel I have probably learnt more than I would have learnt if we had workshops.

The content was excellent, having a flexible structure allowed the course to be focused on what we the participants felt was missing in our learning. So, I think it was great with a good mix of theory with video examples. Then being able to go through and analyse the videos slowly was very helpful.

It is a must do course, after this course I feel that if I can do one advanced course each year that would be ideal. It helps you to rethink your understanding of MAES Therapy and adjust it in the correct direction again.  Thank you.”

Nicol Gohl MCSP
M.A.E.S. Trained, Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist




“It was a great course, which I recommend. It was structured in a way that the online format allows you to learn a lot, to deepen your MAES knowledge, understanding in a more focused way.
Having a wide variety of video analysis and discussions on topics included in the timetable, gave the opportunity to brainstorm in group with the other therapists from around the world and find more and more solutions to develop treatment strategies, to refresh your knowledge.
Compared to the face-to-face ‘A.R.T.’ Course Zagreb 2017, I didn’t feel any difference in my learning experience, because although we didn’t have practical sessions, similar topics were covered.

The group was also very good, the learning process on each course is always different, and challenging and related to how the group members participate. I have learnt a lot from how they reflect and what kind of questions are discussed.

This course definitely energises you, raises your motivation, gives a strength to your practice in these circumstances too!  I like Jean-Pierre`s way of teaching so much,  it is so dynamic, so creative, keeps your brain and your participation very active even in these circumstances with the Coronavirus!

Many thanks for this learning opportunity too!
Great course! Congratulations again!”

Rozália Apró  Physiotherapist
M.A.E.S. Trained Therapist




“This Advanced MAES Course more than met my expectations. The opportunity to do this course whilst sitting on the opposite side of the world was fantastic. I knew when taking this course that there would be no hands-on experience, but what I didn’t realise was that it would take the pressure side of it away and I definitely learn best with reduced pressure. The hands-on experience is also beneficial, and nothing can replace it,  but this was still extremely useful.

I think breaking up into groups would have been useful to share ideas between the participants.  I would have liked to have spent more time on video’s and understanding the different types of CP.

The course was as usual full of insightful information. The videos were very useful, and my only recommendation would be to spend more time on video’s.

The video analysis of not only Jean-Pierre treating, but also watching parents and other therapists treat was very useful. It was very insightful to see how Zoom can be used for sessions.

Doing the course online was very useful. Less distractions and easier to pay attention and understand. The pace was fast, but it allowed you to consolidate things without others asking random questions, which usually distracts me.”

Tami Van Aswegen Physiotherapist
M.A.E.S. Trained Therapist
New Zealand




“Although the course is online, do not be afraid to take the course, it is very worth it!  You will have the opportunity to refresh everything you have learned during the 4-Week Foundation Course and go even deeper into your understanding and look from an even deeper perspective, whether through observation and analysis of videos, or through discussion among all participants.

I enjoyed the fact that, when we watched video’ sessions, we had the possibility to see them frame by frame and to be able to stop during the important moments and discuss them in more detail between all of the participants. This, in a normal session of a face-to-face course, would not be so easy to do.

Yes. Initially I was apprehensive to do the online course since I was expecting and would like to have the practical sessions. However, I didn’t miss that part and I feel the course was very beneficial the way it was done.   Many Thanks!”

Cátia Costa
M.A.E.S. Trained
Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist




“I absolutely recommend to every MAES trained therapist who wants to take another step in MAES therapy to take this Advanced ‘A.R.T.’ course. It helps to fill the blank spots and have a deeper understanding about CP.  Analogies that Jean-Pierre used are easy to remember and makes everything more meaningful when you encounter a scene in therapy.

I was very pleased with the course content and structure. Content was rich and well selected and helped me with the parts I struggle most.

This course helped me to deepen my understanding about the MAES Therapy and Cerebral Palsy. Got me thinking about my weak points and how to overcome them. I analysed myself and my approach with a wider perspective.

Ceren Durmuş
M.A.E.S. Trained, Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist




“The online MAES Therapy 1-Week Advanced Course was more than I expected!

It was an amazing week, with time to re-visit the principles of MAES Therapy, time to watch videos, analyse, comment, answer questions….with lots of learnings, and to go deeper in the analyse of children’s movements from different perspectives.

Do not be afraid of taking an online MAES course!!  It is so very well organized, with lots of content, easy to follow, well explained…  We went so much deeper into the video treatment analyses, which gives the chance to learn in a very M.A.E.S way: without hands-on pressure !

Thanks to the organization and participants for being brave and making this possible, because in the current times, is a very good idea to move forward.

Patricia Kaiser López,  Physiotherapist
M.A.E.S. Trained Therapist




“I have completed the 4-Week MAES Therapy Foundation course and Advanced course, I recently joined the online Advanced MAES Course (A.R.T.). This was a fantastic course of like-minded MAES Trained therapists who prioritised their learning for the benefit of their clients. The online forum enabled discussion, review of treatment sessions, both face-to-face and online and an update of the MAES Therapy approach. Highly recommend the ‘A.R.T.’ course to Advance, Refresh and Troubleshoot your application of MAES Therapy.”

Helen King MCSP
Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
M.A.E.S. Trained
Shropshire, UK