Event Details

2-Day Introduction Course for Paediatric Therapists wishing to specialise or to further specialise in the treatment of children with CP

Course Title:

 ‘A deeper and better understanding of Children with Cerebral Palsy and principles to improve their coordination’

A new and different dimension to the treatment and management of children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions, based upon 25 years’ expert clinical and teaching experience worldwide.


Dates:    Thursday 26  &  Friday 27 October  2017

Venue:   To be confirmed Đakovo, Croatia

Course Leader:   Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP,  Director MAES Therapy International

Delegate Costs:

Early Bird Fee: €180 Euros  (to be paid before 31 August 2017)


Full Fee:  €220 Euros  (to be paid by 1 October 2017)


Course Aims:  To introduce participants to:

  • An understanding of why missing specific components of coordination have long-term consequences on the ability to participate in activities of everyday life (including mobility, self-care, play and communication).
  • Appreciate the necessity of providing the child with a different path for development by acting upon the process of development, rather than the obvious symptoms
  • The MAES Therapy framework: a specific framework for identifying the relationship between skills and tasks and its relevance in understanding the reasons for atypical patterns of coordination for each child with Cerebral Palsy.
  • Understand the application of the MAES Therapy framework to develop individualised treatment strategies for each child.
  • Understand the need for therapists to develop a wide repertoire of strategies to enable the child to learn new ways that he would have difficulty with, or would not be able to develop on his own.


To apply for a place or for further information please send an inquiry to:

E:   maesterapija@gmail.com

Where you will be assisted by local Physiotherapists:  Maria Maras,  Maria Juko,  Jasminka Gagula.