Easy Dragons Maes 2014On 8 June, the Easy Dragons Rowing Team raced in the world-famous ‘Vogalonga’ in Venice (a long distance rowing race, 30 Km around Venice Lagoons) to raise money to be able to support MAES Therapy to train other therapists in developing countries, to increase their knowledge and clinical expertise and consequently help many children and families.

Easy Dragons had a fantastic race in Venice, finishing the Vogalonga in only 2.40 hours and in the first 100 of 2300 boats!

“La Repubblica” one of the most important newspapers in Italy, has an article related to the Vogalonga 2014 and photos with Easy Dragons team (in green t-shirt) at the start of the race. As a charity they collected £1637, very close to their goal (£2000), in just two weeks.
MAES Therapy thanks all of The Easy Dragons Team for all their hard work and we are delighted with the result !

Background: Easy Dragons was founded in 2013 as a rowing team of 20 professionals from Stanton Williams Architects in London. They are not professional rowers and come from different countries; sometimes in their boat there are more 16 nationalities!Easy Dragons 2014