Easy Dragons Rowing Team in actionEasy Dragons was founded in 2013 as a rowing team of Stanton Williams Architects in London.

We race with a dragon boat, (an Old Chinese boat) with 20 paddlers in pairs facing the bow of the boat, one drummer at the bow facing toward the paddlers, and one at the helm standing at the rear of the boat.

We are not professional rowers and we come from different countries; sometimes in a boat there are more than 16 nationalities.

Since 2013 we have done many competitions in Italy, Switzerland and UK, winning some of them.

This year the Easy Dragons will race at the 2014 Vogalonga in Venice (a long distance rowing race, 30 Km) to raise money for MAES Therapy (https://maestherapy.com/), a medical association specialized in the treatment of children with movement and coordination difficulties caused by a variety of conditions (Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s palsy, acquired head injury etc).easy-dragons-rowing-team-support-MAES-Therapy-600x400

 Check out the Easy Dragons here!  Easy Dragons

The aim of MAES Therapy is to help children with neuro-developmental movement disorders achieve their maximum potential by providing the highest quality specialist physical therapy.

To be able to support MAES Therapy to train other therapists in developing countries, to increase the knowledge and the clinical expertise and consequently help many children and families, Easy Dragons Charity has targeted £2000 as a goal by June 2014.

Please help us in making your donation to improve the daily life of many of these children.

Thank you for your support.

Easy Dragons Rowing Team