A 6-Day Course for therapists and medical doctors with special interest in
and early intervention of babies with suspected
cerebral palsy or similar neurodevelopmental conditions


This course is open to both NDT-Bobath and non NDT-Bobath therapists.

Course Aims & Objectives

  • Apply the Bobath concept in early assessment and intervention to include current views on early treatment and management
  • Develop better facilitation/handling skills through problem solving
  • Develop better observation skills through video case studies
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of normal, abnormal and atypical development for preterm and term babies in the first year of life
  • To be introduced to feeding development from preterm to term age and potential feeding difficulties
  • Participate in practical assessment and treatment sessions
  • Document observations of normally developing babies
  • Gain a greater understanding of the assessment tools/methods available to therapists in early intervention
    • Neurological assessment (Prechtl and traditional methods)
    • Developmental assessment (Bayley and others)
    • Behavioural assessment (Brazelton and NIDCAP)
  • Participate in daily practical sessions with infants and young children, followed by case presentations to develop clinical reasoning skills
  • Have an opportunity to visit a NICU (when possible)
  • Gain an in depth knowledge and understanding of early patterns of brain damage, investigation methods, medication and medical intervention

Taken from Intro to EI Course – Prerequisites doc 2012