Advanced M.A.E.S. Therapy Course – March 2021

Online, live and interactive, this 5-Day Advanced Course is for Therapists who have successfully completed the 4-Week M.A.E.S. Foundation Course.

MAES Therapy 'ART' Advanced Course online 22-26 March 2021


Participants joined from the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Known as the ‘A.R.T.’ Course – it was an opportunity for therapists to  ‘Advance-Refresh-Troubleshoot’   their M.A.E.S. Therapy knowledge for the better treatment of children with CP.



Highly positive feedback from participants.  Here are just three:


I was unsure about doing the online ART course, because I was sceptical about how I will be able to improve my skills as a therapist without practically handling children. The online MAES Advanced course actually provided a lot of freedom to learn, interact with other therapists and to develop your skills without the added pressure you place on yourself when treating a child and trying to explain to parents what you’re working for.

Reflecting on videos of treatment sessions with a smaller group of participants made the course interactive, especially because each participant is at a different place on their learning curve and similar or new ideas could be shared and discussed.

The structure of the course, regarding content, was flexible and participant’s concerns or questions could determine what content was discussed during each session. The variety in content makes each ‘A.R.T.’ course unique and it is therefore a course that you could attend more than once without covering the exact same content.

I recommend the ‘A.R.T.’ Course for any MAES Trained Therapist that would like to improve on their clinical reasoning, treatment skills and understanding of children with neurological impairment.

JvW, Paediatric Physiotherapist


Three years after the Foundation Course I wanted to refresh my knowledge of MAES Therapy. I was hoping to improve my skills of analysing children with CP because it is important to recognize what skills the children lack depending on the location of the original brain impairment.

Of course, JP fulfilled my expectations.  He showed us many videos of treatment sessions of CP patients which we analysed together and he pointed out how to observe children from various perspectives.

The advantages of the online course are that you can, from your own home, communicate with the colleagues from around the world, exchange experiences, analyse videos and all that with the professional guidance from Jean-Pierre.

I would recommend this course to all the MAES Trained Therapists because you can never have too much knowledge to help the children you treat.

S.C. Paediatric Physiotherapist


“Confirms again that MAES Therapy is currently the best way to approach the understanding of the child’s brain. That it is about the whole child and getting ‘into’ their head and interpreting what they do and why and when they do it from their point of view. It is about their brain.
By seeing the videos and analysing what happens in their brain when changes and actions of the people and environment around them changes. Reduced quality of movement tells you that there is a lack of skills. Increased repertoire of variations and movements slows down regression. Increased Quality gives a better longer term outcome.

Surprised how much we covered as an on-line course. There seemed to be more time. It was less stressful, in our own comfortable environment.  Thank you JP for allowing my attendance! “

G.S. Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist