Jean-Pierre Maes, MCSP, Director MAES Therapy, led a successful 1-Week Course for experienced paediatric therapists in South Africa, looking to improve their knowledge and treatment skills in the specialised field of Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy.

Some comments from Course Participants:

“Excellent. Again amazing! I don’t know of anyone else who has such knowledge, problem solving and handling skills that Jean-Pierre has
Really pleased I did the course …..

What I found most useful on the course was the application of theory and the repetition thereof. Seeing the application in a variety of children and adapting to the needs of the child and to the see demonstrations of all the children on the course”.

Gillian Shead, Physiotherapist
Johannesburg, South Africa

“Having heard of this fantastic JP Maes from Gillian and Estelle for two years or more, I wanted to do a course. I am extremely grateful, the course is going to change my handling as I already see the results in one week.
JP’s teaching is fantastic. I enjoyed the visuals….. the practicals …. allowing us to make mistakes. Thanks for empowering us, making me feel I can.”

Wilma Smit, Occupational Therapist
Cape Town, South Africa

“This course really helped me to understand how and why children with Dyskinetic CP have so called ‘involuntary movements’. I can see why conventional treatment approaches have limited success.
What I found most useful on this course was the switch/change in mindset from being a the therapist who controls it all, to becoming a more intuitive therapist. Seeing Jean-Pierre’s ‘gentle hands’, gentle approach and involving the child and seeing how a change has occurred in the child’s brain with regards to their movements”.

Anthea Norman, Physiotherapist
Cape Town, South Africa

“This course more than met my expectations. I came hoping for background on why we see what we see and leave with so much more understanding. Thank you for your patience in answering our numerous questions and for explaining concepts in several ways.
Understanding how and why I can impact a child’s movement and positioning has been incredibly useful. I will take more time to observe and ‘unpack’ the child, before wanting to leap into ‘treatment’.

JP’s analogies are so useful, thank you. Varying teaching methods – video, practice, demos, workshops – helped. JP is an excellent teacher and made a potentially confusing topic much clearer. Thanks for coming out and sharing ! “

Tracey Smythe, Physiotherapist
Harare, Zimbabwe