To provide a bespoke expert ‘hands-on’ treatment for each client with a neuro- developmental movement disorder (that could range from mild to severe coordination difficulties) together with guidance for their parents and carers, in order for the individual to achieve their maximum potential.

To educate therapists to increase their understanding of the key reasons for movement limitations, to think creatively and to develop a wider repertoire of treatment strategies and skills, which they can apply more confidently in a range of situations, relevant to the needs of each of their clients.


Our approach is about treatment strategies based upon an in-depth analysis of the neuro-developmental movement disorder in each individual and a better understanding of how and why this individual moves the way he/she does.

From that deep understanding, we guide and educate each client about specific sensory-movement components to make the best use of their own potential for improvement.

In parallel to individual/bespoke treatment sessions, we provide courses and workshops for professionals to develop a similar approach when treating their clients.


To do everything possible to provide treatment sessions
along with training services and courses of the highest quality