We have completed our 4th full MAES Course in Johannesburg –  which was very successful.

Participants have come away from this exciting course with new insights, new knowledge and clinical skills for treating children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions and how to provide more specific individualised treatment for each child and also how to engage parents with this during day to day living. Parents were very pleased to see the progress the children made during the course.

The course was fully booked  and participants have developed a great attitude and approach through learning and practicing closely together during the 4 weeks, which was organised in 2 separate parts of 2 weeks each.

Part 1:   29 October – 9 November 2018

Part 2:   26 November – 7 December 2018


Grateful thanks to our Venue: 

Dept. of Physiotherapy, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS),  Johannesburg


Course Leader:   Jean-Pierre Maes MCSP

Many thanks to  our great to MAES Therapy Team South Africa : Shane Brassell, Local Course Organiser,   Anita Hains, Trainee Tutor and Gillian Shead for also assisting during the Practical Sessions, and for all their additional work and support.


The MAES Course is not easy, but it is well worth learning this approach earlier, rather than later in your career. I see no other way, at present, that offers the child with CP a better opportunityty to develop. The theory of MAES Therapy is strongly backed up with many practical treatment sessions that prove that this approach does work.

Gillian Shead,  Senior Physiotherapist