In December 2015, the first MAES THERAPY Foundation Course in South Africa was held in Johannesburg.

The 14 course participants were a good mix of young and very experienced paediatric Therapists (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists).

Participants enjoyed learning to treat dynamically and further developing their skills to become better clinical therapists.
They have all said that they will now approach their therapy treatments with a different perspective and achieve more rewarding outcomes for their patients.

I see no other way, at present, that offers the child with CP a better opportunity to develop. The theory of MAES Therapy is strongly backed up with many practical treatment sessions that prove that this approach does work.”
“The course is not easy, but it is well worth learning this approach earlier, rather than later in your career
Gillian Shead, Physiotherapist
NDT-Bobath Therapist
South Africa 2015

The MAES Therapy Framework makes sense. As an OT I have had to analyse tasks according to their complexity, however I didn’t think to apply this to CP. I like that each child is treated individualistically and not according to ‘diagnosis’ and that MAES Therapy provides guiding principles.
It’s a great course for OTs as it incorporates sensory, play, cognition and communication in the treatment of CP,  i.e. it’s truly holistic
Nadia Cusack, Occupational Therapist
South Africa 2015

The MAES Therapy Course has completely changed my understanding of CP for the better. It has given me a perspective that not only makes sense but makes changes where previously I thought you could not make changes.”
Anita Hains, Physiotherapist
South Africa

I no longer look at things like tone and patterns to classify and put into groups. I now know that I was previously just looking at symptoms and treating symptomatically. This course has helped me to get to the root of the problem.”
Roxane Jason, Physiotherapist
South Africa

The MAES Therapy Course is very intense, jam-packed, extremely rewarding and I really thoroughly enjoyed it.
Definitely the way forward in therapy and I can’t wait to develop my MAES Therapy skills, so that I can help my children (patients) to reach a new level of potential.
Thank you JP for shining your light!

Keri-Anne Hacker, Physiotherapist
Bobath-NDT Therapist
South Africa 2015

The course was excellent. I will go back home and I will be able to understand all my neuro patients better and I will plan my treatment sessions more effectively.
The MAES Therapy Approach and Framework helps you to analyse movement disorders in terms of skills and tasks and to effectively combine motor, sensory and cognition during therapy sessions
Beth Campos,
Speech & Language Therapist
Bobath Tutor

The next course in South Africa will again be held in Johannesburg:

MAES THERAPY Course – Johannesburg 2016
‘Movement Analysis & Education Strategies for the Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neuro-developmental conditions’

Part 1: 31 October – 11 November 2016
Part 2: 5-16 December 2016